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Chakra Five is the first of the three Chakras which resides on a spiritual plane. It is located in the throat and is where we find our authentic voice, express creativity and truth.  


Some believe that all illness stems from here because this is the center of all of our choices.


What we say, do, and consume are conscious choices of Vishuddha. Every action either supports or undermines our intentions. Each choice is an opportunity to strengthen your path.


When faced with a decision, don't act on impulse, determine if it will serve your highest truth. When we leave this world all that is left behind is the intention behind our actions. This is what will reverberate through time.  

Chakra five is about what you put in the world. You can either raise the frequency around you or lower it.  The choice is yours.  


Chakra five is associated with the throat, jaw, thyroid, ears and mouth. It is about all that we put out into the world. The vibrational level by which we express ourselves. Visuddha resonates with our true self and conveys our creativity through singing, writing, speaking, dancing, art or any form of expression.


The challenge to all of us in life is to learn to fearlessly express who we are. Chakra Five challenges us to be aware of negative thoughts and expressions.  


The soul's desire is to be heard and understood and to speak and hear the Truth. Lies are toxic to the Fifth Chakra. We must learn to speak the truth without harming the self or others.


When unbalanced you may experience stiff neck, shoulder tension, teeth grinding, jaw disorders, throat ailments and thyroid problems.


Emotionally, you might notice excessive talking, inability to listen, hearing difficulties, stuttering and a fear of speaking or expressing yourself. It challenges us to say what we need, stand up for our beliefs and be honest. But, also to listen  and share in another's experience.  


You might notice the way you feel after you have said or done something unkind. Your vibration and energy are heavy and thick. Visuddha translates to mean purification. We need to purify our body through diet, yoga and meditation to experience the subtle energies of the upper Chakras.


When in harmony this Chakra will help us resonate with our self and with others, we find creative self expression and are in touch with playfulness, joy and innocence in our lives. We are able to give and receive the truth and can hear our soul’s desire.

Translation: Purification

Seed Sound: Ham

Color: Blue

Element: Sound


Stones: Aquamarine, Azurite, Blue Obsidian, Turquoise, Blue Tourmaline

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