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Chakra Seven is known as the Crown Chakra.  It encompasses our muscular system, skeletal system and skin. The goal of this Chakra is expanded consciousness and the element is knowing. 


Sahasrara translates to “thousandfold”. It is a symbol for the petals of the lotus flower opening as our true self opens and experiences the Divine.

This chakra allows us to experience oneness with everyone and everything. 

It is about understanding but not in a proven way. It expects us to go beyond

ego, and find interconnectedness and underlying meaning of life.  

Chakra seven is both the giver and receiver of consciousness; the meeting point between the universe and the soul. It liberates the spirit while keeping us grounded.  

When Chakra seven is not in balance we can experience a mistrust of life, selfishness, inability to see the big picture, confusion, apathy and a lack of faith and inspiration. A person may be overly intellectual to compensate for the spiritual void.


Physically we might see depression, extreme sensitivities to light or sound, unexplained exhaustion.

When we have balance, we have a deep understanding not necessarily in a proven way. We have a belief system and a connection to a higher power. This Chakra is less about the physical and more about how you feel, how you regard yourself as a thinking being.


The best yogic exercise for Sahasrara is meditation to quiet the mind and separate the ego (voice) from the true self.

Translation: Thousand fold

Color: White

Element: None.  Chakras Six and Seven are beyond the physical world. The elements are more celestial and spiritual.

Seed Sound: Silence


Stones: Clear Quartz, Alexandrite, Amethyst, Iolite

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