Jasper & sterling

Jasper & sterling

$65.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price

Sterling Silver and Heshi cut stones hand strung with sterling clasp   

Shell stimulates intuition, imaginations & adaptability.  Cohesive energy, provides insight. Chakras 2 6 

Turquoise purifies and balances. Dispels negative energy, promotes calm and stabilize his mood. Good for depression and finding balance in relationships. Chakras 3 4 and 5


Wood opens the heart & brings compassion, healing & love.  It connects you to earth.  Chakras 1 4 


Brown Jasper is a supreme nurturer stone.  Grounding, good for emotional stability and bouncing back after crisis. Centering stone Chakras 1 2 3 

Which one calls you?

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