The Finite Things In Life

The boys cheered, scrambled out of the car, and rushed to the waves that crashed on the rocks. We went in search of treasure.

I love the ocean and have always felt it's healing effects. Whenever I am struggling, the beach helps me find balance.

They boys ran ahead and I strolled looking down at the sand for glittering pieces of sea glass. My son and I collect it and have a big jar filled with the jewels we find on our walks.

Waves lapped, sand crunched, and sea glass jangled in my pocket. I watched the boys giggled while they rolled in the sand, befriended passing dogs, and transformed driftwood into swords.

My husband tries to say yes every time our boy asks him to play. He believes that the number of invitations are finite. If he is limited to say, 500 offers to wrestle in the grass or head out after dark with flashlights in search of bats, he needs to know that he said yes to almost all of them.

His philosophy has always impacted the way I view these moments with my son. His childhood is brief and it is a privilege to share it.

I turned to watch the little buccaneers dissolve into laughter. They dropped to their knees and held their stomaches.

I suddenly realized that I needed to re-write my Sankalpa. I knew exactly what it was supposed to be. I stood for a long time and let it wash over me.

The pirates crawled along the shore like shipwreck survivors in dire need of the frozen yogurt they had been promised.

I sent out a silent prayer, found my own sword, and wrote in the sand.

Then I challenged my weary sailors to a duel.

Fun TIp:

Negative ions enhance our mood, stimulate our immune system, and promote alpha brain waves. They are produced from natural sources sunlight, plants, moving water. They are especially strong at the beach.

Sitting at a computer for too long is unhealthy but we put certain negative ion producing items near. Maiden hair fern, peace lilly, and cacti, indoor water fountain, tourmaline or amethyst crystals emit negative ions and can counter act the effects of sitting at your desk for too long. Also, eat lots of foods rich in Vitamin A and C; carrots, cherries, apples and tomatoes.

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