To Be A Tree

I want to be a tree when I die.

Studies show that people who spend a lot of time out in nature are healthier. There are long term and short term benefits and a bounty of evidence to prove it. It seems odd to me that we need to prove something that is so instinctive.

My husband and I take the dogs out into the woods almost every day and on the weekends we bring our son along. He can handle a four mile hike with no problem. We view it as an obligation to ourselves, our family and our dogs. And to be honest, I view it as a way to keep my dogs from destroying the house, but those other benefits are good too.

We often use symbolism of trees in our yoga classes. We build poses from the feet and feel our deeply rooted connections to earth, and require our bodies to be equally strong as they are flexible.

Trees have always been associated with spirituality and symbolize many things.

Apple trees represent magic, youth, beauty and joy. The Apple is connected with immortality.

Ash Tree exemplify sacrifice, sensitivity and higher awareness.

Aspen Trees denote determination and overcoming fear. They show our connectedness.

Bonsai Trees stand for harmony, peace, and balance.

Birch Trees mean new beginnings and letting go of the past and is worshiped for vision quests.

Elm Trees stand for strong will and intuition.

Maple Tree is the symbol of balance and practicality

Oak Tree shows strength and courage.

Pine Tree means creative, longevity and immortality.

Willow Tree is the symbol of magic, healing inner vision and dreams.

So, for day Eight lets pay tribute to trees. I collect all my catalogs starting from day one. I leave them in a pile next to my desk and on Day 24, I call and cancel all of them!

Magazines and catalogs are made with a clay coating. This is what makes up much of the weight of the paper. One ton of coated magazine paper uses about 15 trees.

I don't need more advertising in my life. We are bombarded with commercials that tell us we are not good enough until we own...whatever it is they are pushing.

Fashion is perceived obsolescence and if we are more aware of how we are manipulated, we might think twice before spending on things we don’t really need. I wrote in American Mom:

"We don’t care where or how things are made and disposed of. We only look to our immediate gratification and this lack of awareness has created a cheap, disposable society."

Start your catalogue pile today and when you call to cancel be sure to tell them you want off of ALL their lists. Lots of them send out four or five different companies.

I found this wonderful company called BIOURN. They make a biodegradable urn, that if filled with a person or pets ashes that grows into a tree. "Death becomes a transformation and return to life by means of a tree".

I love this idea! My only problem is which kind of tree do I want to become!

Get Tossing and Get Clear!

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