Retail Me Not

It is always a good idea to practice electronic elimination. Clean out the computer, dump old emails, and most importantly, remove yourself from online mailing lists.

I don't want to be reminded, that things I don't need are on sale.

Groupon, Rue LaLa, Gilt, “buy it NOW even if you don’t need it because you can save ten percent”. It’s all going.

If I need something I will go and find it. Please, don’t deliver it to my mailbox, and tell me I must own it, when thirty seconds ago, I didn’t know it existed.

People always blanch at the “no spending” rule while doing The 24 Things Challenge. But, it raises and awareness about spending habits. If you think you want something, put it down on a list. Then reward yourself at the end of the 24 days.

Taking a breath and a pause helps clarify the feeling around why we “want” something.

I got an email from a fellow 24-et who talked about dumping an old folder on their desktop from “a period when a lot of turmoil was happening..." What a wonderful gesture of letting go.

Delete those unhappy reminders from the desktop and attain freedom. We spend a lot of time at our computers and a folder filled with "turmoil" is not the first thing you want to look at when you sit down.

Put your Sankalpa on your desktop and get a bright neon reminder every day.

We cling to our experiences, even the unhappy ones. We do this in our surrounding, and in our hearts and minds.

If you are holding onto an experience or a sadness there is not room for the resolution to enter. Let something go today and the answers will come.

The Mudra of Forgiveness.

A Mudra is a gesture made by the hands to offer spiritual intention. They help shift the subtle energies of the body.

Sit and see the person or event that you wish to let go. Hold your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height, palms face out and fingertips point down.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Experience the person or event in your mind's eye. Inhale and repeat "I forgive you for anything you ever said or did wrong." Exhale and repeat "I forgive myself for anything I ever said or did wrong."

Repeat ten times or more.

Get tossing and Get Clear

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