Meet Boston Yogi Marylee Fairbanks

April 4, 2016



Meet Marylee Fairbanks…

Marylee Fairbanks has been teaching yoga and leading workshops in and around the Greater Boston area for ten years. She focuses on the Chakra System and teaches workshops and as well as teacher training classes. The mind/body/spirit connection is the center of her classes.   Before teaching yoga, she worked as a professional singer and actor for 15 years.  “Work is what you do for others.  Art is what you do for yourself,” lyrics from one of Ms. Fairbank’s all-time favorite Broadway musicals, Sunday in the Park with George…  These two notions have collided rather seamlessly in her signature line of custom Chakra jewelry.  What began as a personal creative outlet or practice has of late evolved into ever widening circles, and her creations can now be found in area yoga studios and boutiques and also on her website.  Marylee lives north of the city with her husband and son… and their free-range chickens.  Visit Marylee’s website to keep up on her teaching schedule.  And, don’t miss Yoga in the Garden on April 30th featuring shopping, vendors, sound healing and sangha outdoors in a pastoral setting.

wind up…  your go to class or ritual that keeps you prepped for monday mornings?

I am a list maker.  I write a list of things I have scheduled and need to do, every evening before the day ends.  I can’t really sleep well if I don’t have a clear image of the day ahead.

Its nice to envision how smoothly it will all go as well!

other direction…  and, when you need to exhale?

My exhale comes in a few forms.  Naturally, I love my yoga classes but, I also take long walks in the woods with my family and dogs, or sit in the back yard and hand feed my chickens.  But, there is nothing like singing REALLY REALLY loud in my car.  That is always good for the soul.  Maybe, not so good for the guy in the next car over at the stop light…

what three things are you never without?

I am never without my “Chicken Poop Chapstick.  The lady who makes it calls it that because her grandfather used to tell her to put chicken poop on her chapped lips so she wouldn’t lick them.  The name makes me smile.  It’s something my Grandfather would have said.

My phone.. sorry to say it but its so true.  I check my phone often and use it for everything from writing notes that pop into my head to sneaking pictures of my boy when he is in a beautiful candid moment.

Yoga mat.  It is always in the car.  You never know when you can zip into a class.  I keep a schedule of local studios in there too so if I have some extra time and am out on the run I might be able to catch one.I love trying new classes and new teachers.

what one book do you most often turn to?

I cannot say I have one book I keep turning to.  Many have been there just at the right time in my life.  I think a really impactful one during the time of my father’s illness and passing was The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying.

the sound of music…  you have room for only 3 tracks on your playlist, they are…

The 5 tracks on my playlist are not at all fashionable.  I have been a complete musical theater nerd since I was eight and bought my first album, Barbra Streisand’s Superman.

My five soundtracks would be; Sunday in the Park With George, Once on This Island, Into the Woods, Ragtime and Hamilton. Hamilton is my latest obsession. My son and I won’t get into the car without blasting it.

best part of your day?

The best part of my day is time with my son.  I love reading to my boy at night.  I have always been very aware of how quickly his childhood would pass.  I try, even on the challenging days, to practice gratitude for him and our little family.  I believe it is an honor to be his mom.   I love that he still wants me there to end his day.  I am lucky beyond words…

Ms. Fairbanks with LA YOGA Editor in Chief Felicia Tomasko and Lulu the Yoga Dog at SUPERFLOW 2016.

finish the following sentence?  i’d like to teach the world to…

I’d like to teach the world to practice Ahimsa.  Kindness to all creatures starts with kindness to self.  I wish we all truly lived with the understanding that by harming even the smallest of creatures we harm ourselves and that we cannot truly connect with the world until we practice kindness to ourselves.  There was a time in my life when I would look in the mirror and be pretty unkind.  I have eased up on myself and am thankful for being healthy and fortunate.  When you start there it is easier to be kind in the world.

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Profile compiled by Susan Currie.




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