Rabbit Hill

My favorite book when I was a child was Rabbit Hill. I have saved it, packed it away and moved it from apartment to apartment, and now finally it sits on my son's book shelf. He doesn't enjoy it the way I did but we have sat together and read it a few times.

We have found our own favorites. The ones that he wants to save and pack and move as he grows up. We have read together almost every night. He rests his head on my shoulder, his mop of hair brushes against my face, and we get lost in some silly world together.

It's my favorite time. We have a few absolute favorites. These books are the kind of books that made me wish I had written them!

The One And Only Ivan Best book ever. So beautiful and touching. I bought a dozen and gave one to every kid I thought would enjoy it.

Polkabats and Octopus Slacks Totally fun book of poetry for kids. A friend gave it to us for Christmas one year and we love it to pieces.

My Father's Dragon We have read this about a million times. Another one I wish I wrote.

Today, we cleared out his bookshelf together and let go of a lot of things and made space for future bedtimes.

Research shows that there is a correlation between the amount of books in a home and a child's language development, academic ability and career success. But, aside from all of that, it is a beautiful time to put down the electronic, and have your child drift off to sleep dreaming of the sound of your voice.

Feng Shui Tip:

“Holding on to old books doesn’t allow you to create space for new ideas and ways of thinking….you can become set in your ways and develop musty energy like the musty old books you surround yourself with.” Karen Kingston (Creating Sacred Space)

Feng Shui says; It is okay to have a few books in your bedroom but not too many and not in a messy pile. Clear out your room. Make it a quiet place with just two or three books on hand. Also, make sure the edges of the books are not pointing at your bed. It creates "sha chi" or poison arrows, that attack and weaken your energy.

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