It is easy to let go of 2020.
We felt confined and constrained this year and people faced immeasurable loss. It’s natural to want to put this year behind us.
But, to “let go” doesn’t mean that we should forget the despair. It’s an opportunity to flourish through the suffering.
This year was constrictive, but the confines of a cocoon protect us during change.
When a butterfly is in metamorphosis inside the chrysalis it appears to be in a resting state. But the caterpillar is transformed. It develops wings, antennae, and reshapes its mouth to sip nectar.
The butterfly struggles to break free, and it is in the effort to emerge from a tiny opening, that it gains the strength to unfurl its new wings and fly.
If you assist it or cut the chrysalis open the butterfly is too frail to flutter.
2020 brought clarity. It wrapped us tight, slowed us down and forced us to change. There were few spaces to hide from what needed examining.
We repaired, redecorated, reorganized, and released; not just in our homes and vegetable beds, but in our careers, relationships, and ourselves.
The confines allowed us to outgrow the things we thought we wanted, and embrace the things we never knew we enjoyed. We opened to a journey.
“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.” Rumi
Perhaps this year’s lesson was to sit with yourself long enough to realize that you are worthy.
When you concern yourself with disapproval, you restrict your freedom. When you allow others to devalue your contributions, you belittle yourself.
Discover self-appreciation. Soar.
Change is necessary because it is uncomfortable. Discomfort is the portal to grace.
Life outside the chrysalis is sometimes hard. There will be winds that hinder us, and cunning predators.
But now you have strong wings, the celebration of flight, and the courage to trust your journey.
May your New Year be all you dream it can be.

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